About US

My name is Adelinne Rodriguez, I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 5 years. I enjoy the benefits my patients receive through my work. My goal is to develop a massage treatment plan based on your personal preferences and needs. My services are tailored to each patient to provide them with a very relaxing session and to also address therapeutic issues whenever possible. Combining modalities while working intuitively with the tissues can provide therapy and relaxation at the same time. 

Consider Nevaeh Massage Therapy for the many health benefits:

• Relieves muscle pain and tension

• Reduces stress and anxiety

• Calms the nervous system

• Promotes wellness

• Helps strengthen immune system responses

• Increases mobility and flexibility

• Reduces spasms and cramping

• Increases positive endorphin production

• Improves circulation

• Promotes speedier recovery from sports activities, injuries and minor pain

• Provides relief from chronic pain

• Promotes proper sleep

• Increases joint flexibility

• Stimulates deep breathing

• Increases mental alertness

• Promotes comfort and relaxation during pregnancy

• Promotes good health practices

• Improves overall well-being

If you do not know specifically what style of massage you prefer, please let us know when you book your session and we will help you determine based on your specific needs.